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[PhysX] filterData for character controller.

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Hey, another problem with PhysX. What i'm trying to do is prevent Character Controller interacting with certain type of objects. So i thought, i can use filter data, it works for normal shapes. In order to provide filterData for PxController, i pass it while calling to PxController::move(...) with PxControllerFilters. So for a quick test i do it like this:

PxFilterData characterFilterData;
characterFilterData.word0 = 1;

PxControllerFilters characterControllerFilters;
characterControllerFilters.mFilterData = &characterFilterData;

mPlayerController->move(PxVec3(Player.moveOffset.x, Player.moveOffset.y, Player.moveOffset.z), 0.1f, deltaTime, characterControllerFilters, NULL);

and that's enough to cause mPlayerController to stop interacting with the world(it just falls through stuff).

the weird thing is the line that causes such behavior is "characterFilterData.word0 = 1;".

so i found out that it happens if i set any of characterFilterData member variables to value other than zero. can someone explain why?

and BTW, it happens even if i use simulation shader like this one:

PxFilterFlags PhysicsMainFilterShader(PxFilterObjectAttributes attributes0, PxFilterData filterData0,
                                      PxFilterObjectAttributes attributes1, PxFilterData filterData1,
                                      PxPairFlags& pairFlags, const void* constantBlock, PxU32 constantBlockSize)
    pairFlags = PxPairFlag::eCONTACT_DEFAULT;
    return PxFilterFlag::eDEFAULT;

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in case someone's wondering, here's source of basic, quick and dirty reproduction case: http://pastie.org/private/exnuwpr2qrez9tigslt3bq

you can watch simulation with PVD, and notice, that unless you comment line 114:  "mCharacterFilterData.word0 = 1", character controller will fall through the "floor".

i'd like someone to point out possible mistake.

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