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Game with many animation

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i have idea about 2d  game and i went to create it.

i work now with cocos2d-x and my c++ is good

but in my new game are very animation and i think that i need an tools like flash for create it .

many animation that they animation are the part of game play

a game like limbo actions but with many animation 


how tools you think is better for my game?



or other tools?

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Almost any game will have animations as a major part of the gameplay. If you're currently working with cocos2d-x and are so-so in C++ then don't move around. Improve the skills you've began working on. It's very possible to do what you need in cocos.

Animation is never really a limiting factor of what to develop in. Unless it's like working in the 3D realm vs the 2D realm.

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