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TextBox implementation

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Hello, for some time making my game engine. Just as hobby to understand how games works smile.png


Now trying to make TextBox implementation, but really can't think any good implementation. While using XNA, I made property  "WriteWord": 

        public string WriteWord
                string letter = string.Empty;
                Keys key = Key;
                if (key >= Keys.A && key <= Keys.Z && _writeWord.Length < 9)
                    letter = key.ToString();
                else if (key == Keys.Back && _writeWord.Length != 0)
                    _writeWord = _writeWord.Remove(_writeWord.Length - 1);
                _writeWord += letter;
                return _writeWord;

        public Keys Key
                           .FirstOrDefault(key => _pState.IsKeyDown(key)
						   && Keyboard.GetState().IsKeyUp(key));

and simple WriteWord value was set to TextBox value, and simply gets visual effect of typing and deleting. Maybe hard to understand how it works, and maybe not whole code where is, but it worked for my, having only one textBox (don't tested on more). But this implementation is not best... I think it's most worse as there can be smile.png


Now I using directInput and on keyDown I get codes like DIK_RIGHTARROW, DIK_1, DIK_S and so on... And for graphics - DirectX 9.


So, maybe somebody show how better implement TextBox? smile.png

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