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sdl mouse collision

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hello everyone,

im showing random images at screen, when i click on them my game score will ++.

i got some problems and want to get your feedback about it.

if (mainEvent->type == SDL_MOUSEBUTTONDOWN)
            SDL_Rect B;
            B.x = mainEvent->button.x;
            B.y = mainEvent->button.y;
            B.w = mainEvent->button.x + 10;
            B.h = mainEvent->button.y + 10;

            if (check_collision(A, B) == true)

here i got the coordinates of my mouse click. pls have a look check collision function. since i can work with B and its coodinates i think i cannot take information of A. its decleared at the beginning of file like SDL_Rect A; but the values changed in another function. my question is when those values changed did they registered to memory or after i pass the function are they gone?

void Create_Racoon(void){
    static int kordinatx[] = {10,20,30,40,50,300,70,180,100,400};
    static int kordinaty[] = {10,20,30,40,50,400,70,180,300,420};
    static const char* const images[] = {"rsz.png", "rsz_.png"};

    int RandKordinat = rand() % 11;    
    int RandIndex = rand() % 2;

    racoon = LoadImage(images[RandIndex]);    

    SDL_QueryTexture(racoon, NULL, NULL, &bW, &bH);
    ApplySurface(kordinatx[RandKordinat], kordinaty[RandKordinat], racoon, renderer);

    A.x = kordinatx[RandKordinat];
    A.y = kordinaty[RandKordinat];
    A.w = kordinatx[RandKordinat]+bW;
    A.h = kordinaty[RandKordinat]+bH;


this is create_racoon function :)

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