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Where next?

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Hello all!

I have been learning java and been creating games using the inbuilt 2d libraries (swing,jpanel) these past few weeks, and have been enjoying myself whilst doing so. i have made a few simple games, and two slightly more advanced ones, such as this one:




The link is a website me and a few few friends made for a children's coding competition (i'm 15) to go with the game.


I have already learnt python and i feel that i am up to the challenge of learning another language if needed, but staying with java would be pretty good too.


So my question is this; Where should I go next? i have made a few games so far, but there are many things that I have yet to learn(obviously). Trouble is, i'm starting to have difficulty finding out what these are. Things like shaders or even manipulating an image (transparency, advanced animation) and i'm also starting to have trouble sticking with longer projects. often, as I suffer from a poor sense of focus, I need to get quick results from a game development process, or I will start to feel overwhelmed with details and just give up. It's not so much that i need to finish the project but rather something i can have on my screen, running with maybe a demo level with nothing in it withing 2-3 hours or so. mostly i am working in 2D, and I don't really have much of an interest in 3D as of yet.


My favorite parts of game development are physics and procedural generation. I have a bigger game concept in my mind but i still don't feel ready to work toward it just yet, and so would like some sort of suggestion of what to do next.



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Stick with it!  Find things that inspire you.  Get involved in game dev communities like ludum dare or one game a month. Talk to people.  If you're get stuck and are struggling with something specific, ask questions.  Never stop learning.


If you want to do some stuff with physics, trying playing around with jbox2d.


If you like procedural generation, check out this site: http://pcg.wikidot.com/

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