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Announcing: Lane Defence

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A while back I posted about a tutorial series I wrote which showed you how to make a basic tower defence game; Well I decided to take things even further than that and complete the game for the android platform!




Introducing, Lane Defence!
A unique tower defence game in the style of the old Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars map; you work to build a maze of towers which will stop the 40 waves of enemies from reaching the bottom of the lane!
This is how a tower defence is meant to play; No longer will enemies walk through each other like ghosts or conform to a set path, you are in control.
Create choke points to take full advantage of your splash towers, or encircle the high damage towers to get optimum attack time; the smarter your maze is, the easier the game will become.
You will be defending your lane against 5 types of enemy:
Normal - Nothing special.
Fast - Moves much faster than his friends.
Immune - Will not be slowed by any tower.
Air - Laughs at your mazes as he soars over them.
Boss - Lonesome, but very tough to kill.
To aid you, you will choose two unique 'speciality' towers from:
Ice - Slow's enemies.
Fire - Fast with average damage.
Tech - Very slow, but awesome against bosses.
Earth - Slow with a large splash damage.
Lightning - The bane of air enemies
Each have their strengths, but which combination will work best for you? Completing the game once is no easy feat, but can you beat it using all the combos?
Perfection must be achieved!
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Looks nice! I'm a big fan of TD games (actually making one myself). Too bad I don't have an android device. Are there any buffs/debuffs that towers have? Can towers cast spells, too?

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Thanks! I'm not sure what kind of thing you mean by buffs/debuffs or spells, but each of the special tower has a unique attack type. For example the ice tower will slow the enemies it hits, earth towers have a large splash damage, lightning towers do a lot of damage to air units and tech a lot of damage to boss units!


I too am a massive fan of TDs, have you got any screen shots or info about yours?

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