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Arkangel428    121



I started working on a multiplayer game about two weeks ago using javascript and HTML5.  I've been able to work on the client-side code, graphics and such, with no problem, but have hit a brick wall with the networking.  I have a very limited knowledge about and networking in general and the lack of good information about it is astounding.  


I'm really looking for someone who I can chat with, even if it's just e-mails or messages on here, that can answer more specific questions since I've already spent hours upon hours looking up guides and tutorials on the subject.


-Ian James

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jaywalking101    106

Hi, Ian!


I am working on something similar myself and perhaps we could help each other.

I have a little knowlegde of, I have used it on an application and already made some tests for the game I am trying to develop too.

So, I am more than willing to share and exchange knowledge!

What do you think?


Personally, I have no one else to talk about this topic, so I believe it would be really fun. =)


- J

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hplus0603    11347

I found itself to be very easy to work with. The quickstart example is almost everything you need.

What is different, though is the programming model for connected networking in general -- it's nothing at all like HTTP or AJAX, and if that's all the networking you've worked with before, I can see how that would be a different paradigm to learn.

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