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Implementing Mouse Look

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Hello! I am trying to implement looking on my camera class and was wondering if this is the right way to do it:



SetCursorPos(NXGPU::GPUContext->ViewportWidth / 2, NXGPU::GPUContext->ViewportHeight / 2);
oldMouseState = NXInput::GetMouseState();


float xDifference = NXInput::GetMouseState().lX - oldMouseState.lX;
float yDifference = NXInput::GetMouseState().lY - oldMouseState.lY;
Yaw -= Sensitivity * xDifference * amount;
Pitch -= Sensitivity * yDifference * amount;

"amount" = gameTime->TotalTime / 1000.0f;


Also, should my camera have its own projection matrix? Thanks! smile.png

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No, if the cursor hits the screen edge (even if you can't see the cursor) you'll lose rotation. You need to directly poll the mouse deltas. Is this in Windows?

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Hey! I accidentally left out a line of code in the post. I also set the cursor position in the update method to keep it centered. And yes this is in windows. Thanks! :)

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I do that:
Vector3 center, current, delta;


center.x = (float)GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN) / 2.0f;
center.y = (float)GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN) / 2.0f;
current.x = (float)p.x;
current.y = (float)p.y;
delta = current - center;

SetCursorPos(center.x, center.y);

Also, init the variables with zero values just to guarantee that they are correct.


Something like:

if( fPitch != 0.0f || fYaw != 0.0f)
//do stuff

Trick: update values based on delta time.


camera->Rotate( DEGTORAD(fPitch) * (dt * fSensivity) );

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