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galaxy tab2 and little 3d cad

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giugio    246

I'm creating a simple 3d cad with openglEs 2.0 and galaxy tab 2.
Now i must create the illumination system with glsl shaders
What light system I can use for a good appearance and relative fast computation I can use?
Because i wish create this small cad for an android system tablet in c++ and opengl es.
I would reach 1000 / 2000 little meshes with 30/40 vertexes for each mesh.
per-pixel lighting,per-vertex lighting, phong,lambert , what's kind of lights is better use(point light , direction light)?
The camera that i use is an orbit camera.
and for the antialiasing i can use something? or is an heavy computation.

The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 P5100 Display 10.1

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