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texturing a cylinder with multiple texture.

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I have one cylinder and I would like to texture it using 36 different bitmaps. 

The problem that If i texture the cylinder with just one texture, I see that is stretched, like the picture here : 


   // 90, 90, are top radius, down radius, 50 is the height, 60 segements w, 60 segments height.

  reel = new CylinderGeometry(90,90,50,60,60,false,false,true);
  var textureBase2:Texture2DBase = new BitmapTexture(new reelTexture().bitmapData);
matrial_Reel = new TextureMaterial(textureBase2);
matrial_Reel.bothSides true;
reelMesh = new Mesh(reelmatrial_Reel);
reel null;
reelMesh.mouseEnabled true;



I would like also to put different textures one down the other, but to group them into one large texture, the problem is with the co-ordinates. 

I use the following code but still I get two pictures overlap each other


public static const SIZE int 1024;
public var 
img1 Bitmap;
public var 
img2 Bitmap;

bmp:BitmapData=new BitmapData(SIZE,SIZE,false,0);

//Draw img1 at 0,0

//Draw img2 at 512,0
bmp.draw(img2, new Matrix(1,0,0,1SIZE/20)); 

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Well, you need to properly "unwrap" your geometry, so that things align properly.


Search for "UV unwrapping", and you should find relevant information.


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