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Particle System Vidoes

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I d like to share my youtube channel, with some particles using my library. performance are in the videos description:





You can also look at the interface I provide :


    #define MYPROJECT_API __declspec(dllexport)
    #define MYPROJECT_API __declspec(dllimport)

struct ID3D11Device;
struct ID3D11Buffer;

// A vector 3
struct MYPROJECT_API vrVec3
    float x, y, z;

// A vector 4
struct MYPROJECT_API vrVec4 : public vrVec3
    float w;

// An Axis Aligned Bounding Volume
struct MYPROJECT_API vrAabb
    vrVec4 m_Min;
    vrVec4 m_Max;

// A sphere
struct MYPROJECT_API vrSphere
    vrVec3  m_Position;
    float   m_Radius;

// A distance constraint between two paricles
struct MYPROJECT_API vrSpring
    int     m_ParticleIndex1;
    int     m_ParticleIndex2;
    float   m_Distance;
    int     m_Pad;

    vrSpring():m_Pad(0) {}

// A particle accelerator
// Type 0 is a force field,
// Type 1 is a simple force, that uses only the directionvector
struct MYPROJECT_API vrAccelerator
    vrVec4          m_Position;
    vrVec4          m_Direction;
    float           m_Radius;
    unsigned int    m_Type;

class MYPROJECT_API PhysicsParticle

    // Particles positions accesor
    vrVec4 *GetParticlePositions() const;
    vrVec4 *GetPreviousPositions() const;
    int GetParticlesCount() const;

    // Setters
    void SetParticlesMass(float mass);
    void SetParticlesGazConstant(float mass);
    void SetParticlesViscosity(float viscosity);
    void SetParticlesAcceleration(const vrVec4 &acceleration);
    void SetDamping(float damping);

    // Getters
    float GetParticlesMass() const;
    float GetParticlesGazConstant() const;
    float GetParticlesViscosity() const;

    // Initialize particles start position
    void Initialize(vrVec4 *positions,int positionsCount);

    // Intialize openCL device
    void InitializeOpenCL(  ID3D11Device *d3D11Device = 0 ,
                            ID3D11Buffer *d3D11buffer = 0);

    // Initialize data to the device
    void InitializeOpenClData();

    // Physics step
    void Simulate();

    // Release allocated memory
    void Release();

    // Dynamic grid used to test or to get neighbors information
    void CreateGrid(vrVec4 *positions, int positionsCount);
    void CreateGrid();
    int GetNeighbors(int currentIndex,  int *neighbors, int neighborsMaxCount);

    // Add collision geometry
    void AddInsideAabb(const vrAabb& aabb);
    void AddOutsideAabb(const vrAabb& aabb);
    void AddInsideSphere(const vrSphere& sphere);
    void AddOutsideSphere(const vrSphere& sphere);

    // Accesor to modify them, the returned ponters could change when 
    // collision geometries are added
    vrAabb    *GetInsideAabbs();
    vrSphere  *GetOutsideSpheres();
    int GetInsideAabbsCount() const;
    int GetOutsideSpheresCount() const;

    // Add a constraint between two particles
    void AddSpring(const vrSpring& spring);

    // Accelerators
    // Add an accelerator, to use to setup a force field or simple gravity
    void AddAccelerator(const vrAccelerator & accelerator);
    // Removes all accelerator
    void ClearAccelerators();
    void UpdateAccelerator(int index, const vrAccelerator& accelerator);

    // Physcal parameter
    // Grid and sph
    void SetEnableGridOnGPU(bool isCreatingGridOnGPU);
    void SetEnableSPHAndIntegrateOnGPU(bool sphAndIntegrateOnGPU);
    void SetEnableCollisionOnGPU(bool collisionOnGPU);
    void SetEnableSpringOnGPU(bool springOnGPU);
    void SetEnableAcceleratorOnGPU(bool acceleratorOnGPU);

    // Cloth only for springs
    void SetClothCount(int clothCount);

    // Enabling interoperability
    void SetIsUsingInteroperability(bool isUsingInteroperability);
    bool IsUsingInteroperability() const;

    // Running physics on the CPU, GPU is used by default
    void SetIsUsingCPU(bool isUsingCPU);


If someone is interested to try it let's me know...

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I replied this private message that could be interested :



Just looked your particles, look nice.


Thanks for feedback !



What are your code external dependencies ? (graphics API & others / STL free? etc..)


I am using openCL to compute the physics simulation. You can use my physics library with any renderer, even mine if you want. I use DirectX11.



Is it based on graph compounds (emitter->filters->things) ?



Is it free ?



Physics particles simulation library is free, my renderer is free, the framework to have all demos and sample is also free smile.png I could send you a nice package where you should have only to press F5 to have it working...

If you need additional feature, manage other collision shape, or mesh, I  could develop them (also for free)

I have also some limitations that I could explain to you, and I also could remove them (also for free smile.png )

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