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Unity proTile Map Editor for Unity

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Hello fellows,
I would like to announce my Unity Editor Extension - proTile Map Editor that I've been working for quite a while!
Feature list:
  • Different types of painting Tiles (Standard, Mass, Continuous).
  • Tile-Connections: will connect roads, walls and similar assets for you.
  • Patterns: Build once, place multiple times.
  • Performance and size optimisations.
  • Editor for categorizing your Tiles.
  • Different camera setups. Fits different 3D/2D type of games.
  • Easy to Load and Use maps.
  • Supports different size/scale Tiles.
  • Works with Unity Free and all platforms.
  • Fits for regular map making, not only tile based.
  • It's open source, so you can change code or use API in game.
  • Documentation, examples and more!
Best is to watch Video Presentation:
Some screenshots:
For documentation and more info visit: http://www.protilemapeditor.com
Let me know what you think and Enjoy!
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Wow, that is pretty amazing!


The only thing I could think while watching the video is being able to automatically create 'patterns' on the fly by multi-selecting things and right clicking or something. Other than that though pretty impressive.

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@CRYP7IK, thanks a lot! And good idea about patterns, I will consider this ability for incoming updates. 

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Just released update v1.12.
Release Notes
  • Support for non-renderer tiles (when making triggers and similar).
  • Exposed "enable/disable Snap on TOP" in runtime Options.
  • Fixed default offset for map loading.
  • Ability to change speed of LoadMapAsync in function and improved loading in general.
  • Better support for plane/2D or very small tiles.
  • Improved performance and documentation.

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