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Announment of "Shiarta: Questioning Girl seekings..."

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I am announing of a new video game one-coded by myself. Since this is a one-person job, creating it is challenging. I have never created any sort of software before, and need advice. The video game will be a one person job. The graphics are going to be 2.5D, though 32 bit color. The game will use 7.1 native audio with OpenAL, and the sound will be 16 bit, 96000 hz. The story is of a young girl seeking to question her status of her apparent questions relating to her status of sexual preferences. No, it will not have any ntsw in it, though the girl will be pretty. Speaking of which, her name is Shiarta. The game will be very, very long with so much work. No, the game will not have speaking, it will be all diailog. It will be an RPG, with weapons and of sorts. The game's size is estimated unknown, but the game will use 16-bit 96000 hz 7.1 audio. According to my files, they are 12 Mb/s or 1.5MB's per second. The music is unknown at this point, but the effects will be personally made by myself. Anyhow, the game's estimated complettion date is unknown, as I don't really know. There will be only one player option. Also, the game will be DirectX 9.0c, DirectX11, and OpenGL 4.0. Any of the three options. The game will be a platformer, with 32 bit anime graphics. The game will use dual core, and is unable to use any more then that, however. I'm still holding out on if I commercailize the video game, but we'll see. It will probablly take a couple of years to complete. It will be developed entirely by my free time. Still, the game upon completion would take players about 2 and a half weeks to complete (assuming they play it every day 24/7" and a lot of it has diloag. RPG Maker VX Ace is the software I will use.
Of course, assuming I ever complete. The game has not even been started, so I came here to ask some help as well. It... will be a new genera of what I'm doing. If anyone has a question, ask me.

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