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Graphics class hierarchy design

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monamimani    146



I am making a renderer and I have set some goals that i want to acheive because i find them ideal to get a clean design. But I have been thinking and trying to make them happen but I can't find a way. So I am turning to you all for some help and ideas.


- First I want to separate common, reusable code from platform specific code and I want to make it impossible for other than the responsible project to be able to include platform specific header like, opengl.h, d3d.h, ....

- Second I want to separate the "graphics object" ( like vertex buffer, mesh, device, texture) and the renderer algorithm ( deffered renderer, forward + renderer)


So those goal gave me 4 projects. Lets call them DefferedEngine, OglDefferedEngine, Graphics  and OglGrpahics. Those are actually 4 static lib that link in a GraphicsSystem dll. 


- Third the platform is known at compile time so I don't want virtual function. ( This is what caused most of my problems)



I tried the static polymorphism with CRTP but it is a nightmare... Everything that use the type trough the base class need to be templated. Imagine the device class each create function ( create vertex buffer, create index buffer, create texture) are actually templated with different return type.


I am pretty sure someone have to have done this before. how did you do it?


thanks alot



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