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Which app to use in order to show profiler data?

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Hello. I'm collecting a lot of profile data from my engine, something like memory allocations and thread pool jobs duration.

I can generate files with timestamps in microseconds of all the events, but what I'd like to have, is some sort of graph.

Sure I could write a program to show them all, but I will take some times and I wonder if there's something out there that can help me.


ATM I'm using google chrome built-in profiler, to show the data I collect, and it looks like this:



This is good for the "thread pool" section; it shows me start time, length and so on, but it's not so good in the "Memory" section.

The problem with memory section is that the height of "globalheapAllocator" is not related to the height of "GlobalPageAllocator" so I can't see if the first is allocating more memory than the second.

What I'd need here could be a standard graph with lines that share the same chart.


Anyway, do you know of a program with an open input file format that could help me showing this stuff? It should also be able to manage big files, and have some tools like zoom and pan

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You mean generating a csv files and open it with excel?

To my knowledge, you can't instruct excel to create graphs with a csv file.

And the xls(x) format is not very open...


Also I'm pretty sure excel can't stream data, so with big files it won't help that much

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