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Draw() Bug

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Oh Aqua, you're not giving enough information here. It's ok when you have problems with English, but be so nice to at least try to give more clues. What does TM mean (you have used it several times already) ? Transformation ?

Narrow down the problem: Find out what draw call/setup produces this artifact, e.g. by commenting out (or #if 0) code, so ONLY the artifact gets rendered. Then you know what parts of your code may be buggy.

Show us that part: Render states, draw calls, shader code, etc. Code doesn't lie and is "international", so no misunderstandings here.

Do you know PIX ? With PIX it's quite easy to locate the trouble, and maybe even find more clues about why it's rendering this way: E.g. one can look at the transformed vertices (post-VS tab) in tabular form.

Currently I can only guess: I remember a similar effect when vertices got projected to infinity or something (not sure, maybe w was zero or NaN). So yeah, could be some transformation bug. Check your matrices. Edited by unbird

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