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Unity BB10, Win8/WP8, iOS, Android Plugins

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Have just come out with some Unity3D plugins, most notably the BB10 which is the only plugin to support Native BB10 Ads thus far.



More info can be found here:

Released/Supported Platforms:
- Windows8 (Metro)
- WP8
- BB10
- iOS
- Android

- Win8 Window Snapping
- MS Ads, iAd, AdMob, Amazon Ads, BB10 Ads
- MS IAP, Apple IAP, GooglePlay IAP, Amazon IAP, BB10 IAP
- Save and Load data files
- Save and Load pictures
- Image picker
- Email feedback
- Native MessageBox
- (More features planned later [Like Leaderboards, Achievements and social features)

Advantage of this plugin is all API features are controlled through an agnostic layer, so in most cases you only have to write your code once without the need for compiler directives on all our supported platforms.

Upcoming platforms:
- Ouya
- (Others, Open to suggestions, requests or feedback)


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