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Black Wake: Dead Marque

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Would you fight for your country? Or would you fight for greed?
Piracy. Not that kind of piracy. Pirates!
Welcome to BlackWake: Dead Marque.
A 17th Century first person multiplayer naval game. BlackWake explores the brutality of ship and on board warfare of the 17th era. 
Cannons at the ready. FIRE! Sharpen your cutlass, prepare for boarding!
Key Features Planned:
- 32-64 Multiplayer Online
- Private and Public Matches
- Dedicated Servers
- Game modes currently planned include: 

  • 1v1 Ship battles

  • 2v2 Ship battles

  • 4 Ship free for all battles

  • Pirate escape mode/ capture the vessel

  • and more

- Fully steerable multi deck ships
- Ship destruction and ramming
- 17th century weapons, Single-shot Flintlock Rifles/pistols, melee weapons
- Vote-able Captain to steer and guide crew. 
- No classes
Hello, I'm tynew. This is my first of many posts here. I'm the assisting artist for BlackWake: Dead Marque. The BlackWake team is currently only 2 people. Frell is the person that originally started this project. I've been helping him out a short while back. We've both been working hard on this project, pretty much full time hours to make sure it comes to fruition. 
We're really excited to share this project with you and hope to get support as this is a great forum for developers. We eventually want to get this project out there via kickstarter and steam hopefully. 
With the funding, we hope to be able to purchase retail software that can help us achieve much better quality. As well as continual support for the game as it is multiplayer. Unity Pro as one example is a tremendous improvement for the game if we can reach it.
Let the voyage begin! 
If you want to follow us we will be posting continual updates but don't forget to sign up to our forums and subscribe to our Youtube channel!
Youtube Channel:BlackWake Dead Marque


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Some of the newest prop additions



The current ship!


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