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How to manage controls?

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I am creating this game in AS3 (I know) in MVC and I bumped into a bit problems with understanding how to structure my entities.


So I have my EntityModel, EntityView and EntityController that will be the parent classes for all my entities. Then I have my Enemies and lets call them Allies classes that extend the Entity classes.


My EntityModel class is currently quite empty. I assume that this is where I will have functions such as attack(), move() and such.

My EntityView displays the graphics and I have added event listeners here that checks if the mouse button is clicked or not.

_stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, onMouseDownHandler);

private function onMouseDownHandler(e:MouseEvent):void

In my EntityController class I have prepared to process the mouse down button. But this is where things get confusing for me because when I try in EnemyGruntController extend EntityController to override this processMouseDown. I get an error "Method marked override must override another method. override internal function processKeyDown(e:KeyboardEvent):void"". It seems like I can't override this function, but I want to give different units different commands on MouseDown.

internal function processMouseDown(e:MouseEvent):void
// Process mouse down commands.

I've spent a few days googling on MVC and what class should do what, but it is very hard to comprehend in the beginning. So is there anyone that have a good example of a simple game or class structure that resembles this:




Thanks and sorry for the vauge post.

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