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Shane C

Multiple accounts...

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Shane C    1368
There is something on my mind. I have broken the rules by creating multiple accounts and not contacting a staff member about it. However, I have never created a new account to evade a ban or bad rating - I have never been banned or had a rating that is below the normal threshold. But what I have done in the past was create multiple accounts and have also occasionally trolled (stretched the truth) slightly on at least one. But you have to understand, I was 16, and a weird kid, at the time. I am now 24 years old and an adult, and consider myself to be behaving myself now - unless you count me arguing once or twice but I don't flame.

So anyway, I probably deserve a warning or warnings for what I have done, but hopefully I won't be permanently banned because I enjoy the community. I try to be honest and a good member now.

Here are all of my accounts that I'm aware of:

Master Chief -
Fire Adept -
mecha -

Please don't merge the posts in them with this account - I don't want my 16 year old self representing my 24 year old self.

Also, while I'm here, I have a comment as well. A staff member named Oluseyi seemed to at one time imply that anonymity could hold someone back from a positive rating. I agree with that. I've been here a week and I have over 150 extra points, and although I'm sure people rated me for posts they like or good posts, it probably factored in that I'm using my name and a real picture of myself for my avatar as well.

Anyway, regarding the main subject, honesty is the best policy - even though I don't know how the staff reacts to this sort of thing and whether I'll get banned.

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Gaiiden    5710

we all have our past younger selves to look back on and shake our head with varying measures of disappointment. I've banned the accounts and made note of them on your current account but other than that really there's not much else to be said or done so long as you're willing to remain a well-behaved member of the community. The fact that those three accounts never got banned on their own does work in your favor though.

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