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Ironbane MMO - v0.4 released!

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Since a picture speaks a thousand words...




After weeks of hard work, we are very proud to present you v0.4 of Ironbane! We are still in alpha, meaning that the game still contains a more-than-acceptable amount of glitches. However the list of bugs is schrinking each day, which we thank again to the great community we have had the pleasure of having with us so far. Please keep posting your bug reports, suggestions and comments!

I'd also like to announce that we will no longer make big releases like this one. Instead we will start to ship more frequent but smaller updates to have a shorter feedback loop from the community. We have found that this workflow also motivates us more as a tean.

Changelog Chat
  • The swearfilter now also works on the chat bubbles
  • Added /stuck command
  • Added zeppelins
  • Added civilians
  • Added a lot of new models
  • Added basic aggro system
  • Improved and more detailed zones
  • Improved pathfinding for NPC's
  • Turrets now have an appearance
  • Improved lighting and atmosphere
  • You can now aim directly on NPC's (before you had to aim at the ground they were standing on)
  • Creating a new character now randomizes the appearance
Bug fixes
  • Fixed IB not working on Firefox and Linux
  • Holding the jump key now correctly makes the player jump repeatedly
  • Falling through the world is now less likely to happen
  • Fixed "ghost mode"
  • Arrows and bows now play the correct sounds
  • Fixed buggy jumping in water
  • Fixed turrets sometimes not shooting at players
  • Fixed player names in chat having wrong colors
  • Server now auto-restarts every 24 hours to prevent file-reading errors
  • Fixed buttons in the main menu causing layout issues
  • Character customization buttons now work more properly
  • You can no longer get stuck in objects
  • Fixed main menu view being different after already having played
  • Standing on moving objects is now less buggy
For developers
  • We've updated the README on GitHub for the latest details concerning installation.


Check us out on http://www.ironbane.com/ 

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Congratulations on your release.


I checked out your site and the repository and it looks very interesting. I like your open attitude towards letting other devs in on the project!

Its a great way to learn to get involved in a project such as this.


Would be fun to contribute if I find the time.


Good luck!

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