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Major for game programming

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ahmadge74    104

i know this question got asked alot on the internet but wanned to get ur opinion guys 

which is better for game programming or just in general : Computer science or software engineering??

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frob    44904

Moved to Breaking In forum. Check the forum FAQ linked to above.





Some schools offer what are called "trade degrees". These are generally not the nationally accredited standard 4-year degrees, but are custom programs run by the school 


The normal degree is Computer Science. This is typically a nationally accredited 4-year degree.  Some schools offer nationally-accredited 4-year software engineering degrees that are different from Computer Science. Be aware that some companies may not allow the degree through their HR filters.


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Nicholas Kong    1535

I recommend a computer science degree. it will open your mind to discrete mathematics, calculus, physics and a lot of computer science: some programming, digitial logic , computer architecture, discrete structures etc. Eventually you will have to take software engineering etc. A computer science degree will make you think outside of the box and crave solving new problems and ultimately make you a better thinker, something a programmer in generally or a computer scientist must have.


If you want to do game programming, you can actually just start with the general programming with a programming book. Do the examples and pace yourself. Eventually, you will learn about graphics in the programming book and can start putting those building blocks together to make a basic game like Pong.


You might want to post in the game programming section of the forum when there comes a time you get stuck in a game programming problem.


Good luck.



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