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Delete BoundingSphere

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 Hi guys

Ive been testing out the collision detection portion of my project where a I have a bullet(billboard,point sprites,etc..) coming from a model colliding
with a red sphere(picture below) the problem that Im having is getting the boundingspheres from the bullet and the red sphere to disappear after
collision has taken place(picture below), if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.








picture before the red sphere is hit with bullet


[attachment=18326:10 9 2013 4 05 09 PM.jpeg]




picture after collision. the red ball is gone, but the collision spheres from the bullet or the red ball wont disappear


[attachment=18327:10 9 2013 4 06 24 PM.jpeg]







This is a modified version of the code taken from the riemers website(link below)


 private void UpdateBulletPositions(float moveSpeed)
                        for (int i = 0; i < bulletList.Count; i++)

                            pos = worldMatrix12.Translation;

                            Bullet currentBullet = bulletList[i];
                            MoveForward(ref currentBullet.positionfire, currentBullet.rotationfire, moveSpeed * 2.0f);
                            bulletList[i] = currentBullet;


                            if (ball1.isActive)
                                bulletSphere = new BoundingSphere(currentBullet.positionfire, 3.05f);

                                bbaall = new BoundingSphere(pos, ball1.Model.Meshes[0].BoundingSphere.
                                                     Radius *


                                if (collision(bulletSphere, bbaall))





                bool collision(BoundingSphere b, BoundingSphere a)
                    if (b.Intersects(a)) 
                        ball1.isActive = false;
                        return true;
                     return false;

Thanks again

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