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Web based skill tree - TOOLS?

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Hey gang,


Working on a small personal project, and I need to build a skill tree.  What I'm hoping to build is something Diablo-esque with skills that can gain multiple points and may require one/many prerequisite skills or other prerequisites to unlock.


So what I'm looking for is a tool, preferably, or something that could be very helpful in creating essentially that kind of skill tree that can be displayed as a webpage and interacted with by the user.

Features desired:


Diablo-style skill tree  <--- important

Retrieves/Stores to SQL database.  <--- important

PHP or dotNet  <-- I can work with either of these but prefer PHP as dotNet is very hit and miss for me atm.  Other languages may be possible if they are decent to learn.


Easily updatable / customisable <--- desired

Can respond with skill data in a desired format from HTTP Requests (most likely PHP for this) <--- desired

Data slots corresponding to sklls, also resondable <--- desired


Kind regards,

- Aaron (x08)

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