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SOLVED c++ keeping a pointer or reference to a object stored in vector<unique_ptr<my_object>> possible is it posible? and how?

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I am aware that adding and removing objects from vector will at some point cause it to "resize" and therefore replace its position in memory in some cases.

I have a vector that stores unique_ptr of my object and there are gonna be ranging from 1-? , and they are only defied at runtime and are resized during runtime.

as so:

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<my_class>> list;

What i need is to make a pointer or reference to first object somewhere else in the code.

I am afraid that setting it simply like this:

my_class * obj_foo;
obj_foo = list[0].get();

is not bullet proof.


Question: Will the "obj_foo" to go corrupt at some point, and not point to the first object in the vector(since vector will move it self to place where it has enough memory place).

Or am i wrong?  is that the case?


NOTE: I tested it, and it seamed to keep the pointer intact but dosen't hurt to ask.

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The pointer obj_foo is not pointing to the first object in the vector. It is pointing to the same thing that the first smart pointer object in the vector points to. So the smart pointer can relocate, but it will still point to the same thing if the vector triggers a reallocation.

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