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Looking for a collision physics engine

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zpodnisn    102



Sorry for possible usage of wrong terms, I'm very new to game development.


I'm looking for an engine capable of calculating collision result as a simple "logical state" with little to no "precision".



A bit more detailed explanation:


2 assumed solid objects collide with known speed, size, and material properties, while parameters such as angle/position/exact form are irrelevant


I need to know the resulting logical state for each object, but not what exactly happened to them



Examples (not actual usage, just to get an idea):


- a thrown pebble hits a wooden crate. Results: crate is not affected, pebble is bounced back

- a thrown axe hits a wooden crate. Results: crate is cut, axe stopped

- a fired bullet hits a wooden crate. Results: crate is pierced, bullet continues moving

- a stopping car hits a wooden crate. Results: crate is bounced forward and takes impact damage, car is not affected



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