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Vector2 reflection XNA

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bigbanggames    142

My player sprite holds its own speed as a Vector2, its own direction as a Vector2 so in the Update Method I set the player's position (a Vector2) to:

Position += Direction * Speed;


I have a polygon sprites class that has a property that returns the left normal between the two points that make up a given line segment.


I thought I could just use player.Direction = Vector2.Reflect( player.Direction, lineSegment.LeftNormal);

That did not work. I also tried using the Vector2.Negate(player.Direction); this also did not work.


I used the left normal because the polygons are wound clockwise.


Is the direction the player is traveling the same as the incidence angle?

Why would this not be working?


thanks in advance!




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unbird    8336
I think Vector2.Reflect should work the way you use it. Make sure the edge normal is unit length (docs don't state that they need be, but for the reflection formula they normally should).

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phil_t    8084

And define "did not work". What happened? What did the values look like in the debugger?

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