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Recruiting for Fallout Mod Team

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I'm recruiting for a Fallout mod project, specifically individuals who have aspirations of entering the gaming industry.

This would be a no-pay project to build a portfolio mod that everyone involved could use as a demo reel for potential employers. Having a working game that showcases your talent, and ability to work with a team, is extremely valuable.

The benefit of working on this specific project is that I have a very senior contact at Obsidian Entertainment and a separate, but equally senior contact at Bethesda Softworks. When this project is completed, it will be seen by at least one of these contacts, but more likely both.


A design document for this project has been drafted and submitted to my contact at Obsidian Entertainment, and they approved of the concept. 

In brief, it's a stand-alone title set in the Fallout universe, focusing on the former Texas Commonwealth. It will feature an original title character and will not be narratively connected to Fallout: New Vegas.

This setting was chosen because . . .

1. Everything that was set in Texas (BoS) has been declared non-canon.
2. Texas does not conflict or have contact with established settings (California/Nevada (Obsidian/Interplay), Washington D.C./New England. (Bethesda)

This project would be an original title, set in the Fallout universe, but with the advantage of allowing us to design and implement completely original content.


The more people we have, the more we can get done, so we'll be looking for more than one of the following:

3D Modellers
Texture Artists
Narrative Designers (Writers)
Game Designers (Quests)
Level Designers
Programmers (Scripting)

Applicant Requirements

1. More than a passing familiarity with the G.E.C.K.
- An understanding of file structure in the G.E.C.K.
- A moderate to advanced familiarity with G.E.C.K. controls
- Understanding of G.E.C.K. functions as they relate to what you want to contribute
- Alt: A relatable understanding of the Skyrim Creation Kit

2. A portfolio or example of your previous work. As this is a portfolio project, nothing too substantial is required, just enough to give an idea of what you know.

3. Time to dedicate to the project.

4. Ability to work with a team and meet deadlines.

Living is Washington state is a bonus, but I'm expecting most of this will be coordinated through Skype, so location isn't an issue as long as you can keep in contact.

If your interested and have a strong desire to make games, contact me with "Fallout" and your position of interest in the subject line. Tell us about your history with the Fallout series and level of experience in your given field. This is a learning experience, so we expect proficiency but not necessarily experts. Though experts are great too.


Contact me at chris.t.means@gmail.com

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