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Computer help please im stuck..

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Hello kind Dev's 

My father bought a new machine, which came with windows 8, but he had asked me to take it off and dual boot windows 7 and windows xp to it,So i got the windows xp disk and went up to install that 1st so i had went through the Xp setup and formatted the drive and made 2 partitions and installed xp on the smaller partition, so after i installed and setup xp which works fine now, i went and tried to install windows 7 but when i tried to install windows 7 on the other partition it told me the disk was mbr and needs to be gpt now the only issue is i cannot convert it... i tried using tools and cmd but it cannot change it.. any idea on what i could do to fix and run those 2 os's dual boot?

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The problem is that you try to install Windows 7 in UEFI Mode which is triggered automatically if the mainboard supports it.


To solve the problem all you need is to force the start of the installation in BIOS-Mode. I don't know your hardware so there are two ways possible:

  1. Go into the Bios(or UEFI or whatever) menu on boot (on my system F12/Del) and search for a option like "Compability Mode" or similiar and switch it to BIOS.
  2. Bring up the selection for a boot device and choose "DVD-Drive" instead of the actual device name.

I hope this helps.


(If not, may do the trick ;) )

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