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New Tool: Game Idea Machine

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Hey guys, I recently created a twitter bot called @GameIdeaMachine which I thought you fine folks might find useful. It basically tweets random game ideas every so often, but you can also send simple commands to the bot to ask for an idea of a particular type (ie "@gameideamachine [command]"), the current list of commands are:
idea - a totally random idea from any category
sim - a sim/tycoon/board game
action - an action/shooter type game
adventure - an RPG/adventure game
indie - an arty/indie game
mashup - a suggestion referencing existing games
weapon - an idea centered around a weapon of some sort
setting - an idea focused on the setting
character - a game based on a particular character
racing - a racing game
The code is all on github, and I'm open to suggestions or improvements, especially if anyone want to add more words and phrases to improve the pool (although right now it has over 220 million possible ideas).
I'm hoping it will prove to be a useful tool for people looking for a bit of inspiration, especially for things like game jams, it's only been running for a few days so far, and it's already helped me and a few others get some cool ideas.
Have a look and let me know what you think.

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Bot: "A racing game where you ride speedy elephants around an abandoned town"

Me: Genius!

By the way, I am slightly skeptical of generators. I feel like humans can do better. But it still seems to be a good bot and you seemed to do a good job programming it.

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Thanks, i've always thought the same about generators, which is kind of why I started this one. I've put a lot of effort into not just filling it with words, but making sure that the sentences it produces are coherent and fairly sensible, hopefully that comes through.

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