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problem with tiny.x

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    i try to load the information int tiny.x; i load the mesh correctly;But when i try to load the SkinWeights and the AnimationKey ,i fail. i read the file and find there are 35 bones in the mesh and there are 47 AnimationKey.Some of them i know what they mean.Some of them i don't know likes " Dummy21".

   This is what i do;

   load the mesh data like position,normal,texture;

   get all the SkinWeights(35 in this mesh) in this mesh,(i think they are bones of the mesh), compute them,and put this data into the vertex struct;

   get all the AnimationKey(47 in this file) in this file;

   compute the name between SkinWeights and AnimationKeys,choose AnimationKey which name is the same as SkinWeight name;the other AnimationKey i discard.

   i do nothing about heredity;

   compute the AnimationKey like

   AnimationKey1 { matrix11,matrix12,matrix13 ..} AnimationKey2 { matrix21,matrix22,matrix23..}

   ----->   matrix  :  matrix11,matrix21...matrix12 matrix22...matrix13 ,matrix23...

  pass  matrix( matrix11,matrix21..or matrix12,matrix22 due to the time)  into the HLSL;


  But it doesn't work; i don't know why; Should i need to compute the heredity or consider the othe AnimationKey .Or i make mistake in loading the animation data and the way i do is right;




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