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Shane C

Funny Gamedev Chat quotes

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Shane C    1368
"I will probably end up with some fat dude with no job, if I date within my league." - Shane C

"downed our bear and... [snip]" - riuthamus
"Downed a bear that must have been an adventure as well" - NightCreature83

[Political Correctness] be damned, it's on my dollar bill: "In *God* we trust"... - AllEightUp
"God who is that" - NightCreature83

<talks about politics> - FLeBlanc
"Whoops, politics. My bad." - FLeBlanc

"Shane - I have bad news for you.......... Employers can track your posts anyway." - Stormynature.
"Oh. I thought you were going to tell me I had died last week, or that I was wearing someone else's underwear." - Shane C

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JohnnyCode    1046



"it's real cool.

i am a "werepyre" a hybrid between the 2.

it's deff a nice element to be able to do that and becomes something else IMO (:

would it be optional in your game?"


an immortal post, you can search it out

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