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Minecraft/Terraria Clone - My First XNA Game

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Hey everyone so the past few days I've been working on developing and designing a Minecraft/Terraria clone in C# and XNA! It is my first C# game and really my first C# application because I came to it with 4 years of Java experience so I have a head start ;-)
I was sitting in school a few days ago and my mind sparked an idea on effective collision detection for a platformer. I wrote out the algorithms and ideas and went home to develop it which took about 3-4 hours with debugging and error-checking. After it was developed I decided to dive into developing a 2D version of Minecraft AKA a clone of Terraria.
I'm very proud of what I have accomplished and it's probably the best/most developed game I've have made to date. In the videos below I show what I have developed over the 15-20 hours I have worked on it. I plan on continuing development as far as I possibly can before I get too bored of it or move onto more complicated things at which point I will release the source code!
You can also see the other videos (if I added more for those of you reading this in the future) I have posted at the playlist link as well so that you can see them all.
I'd love some constructive criticism, suggestions, and any other comments you guys have to give me so I can work off of them! I hope you guys like the videos and my first game!
Update Video #4: 
Update Video #3: 
Update Video #2: 
Update Video #1: 

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I moved this thread to the "Your Announcements" forum, since that's the place where people usually show off their new projects.

Nice job, btw! Looks a lot better than my first game. smile.png

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