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My First Game: Stax

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About 3-4 months ago, and after years of wanting, I decided to finally take the plunge and learn to make a game. I downloaded Unity and started reading/watching every resource I could find.


After countless tutorials I felt like I was ready to make my own game. I decided to go with an Android game, as I feel like simple Flash-like games on the net are often overlooked despite what may be a quality game. So I went for the handheld market.


I didn't want to get into anything too complicated, so I started with a simple idea (blocks fall, catch blocks, stack to finish line). But as it turns out even a simple game requires a lot of work. A lot of coding. A lot of art. A lot of sounds. Just a lot of stuff. It start growing into a much more involved game than I ever imagined. To be honest, more time was spent on the UI than the game itself. Probably 3x as much. Anybody else notice this? 


But I'm happy with how it all turned out and I would love to hear feedback from some strangers -- my friends and family that have played it all say good things, but I'm certain they're biased.


Thank you for any feedback you might have! I'll also be happy to answer any questions.


Video of Gameplay (a few weeks old. new stuff added since!)


Google Play Link

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