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Experienced Team Members needed FP-MOBA

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Note: In the following information, i will try to be very discrete about the details of the project. All information about the project will be disclosed when accepted into the group.

I.The Project
Introduction- Our aim is to create an Arena-Based Multiplayer experience that revolves around a Competitively motivated community , well balanced content, and ground breaking Skill-Based gameplay. 

A.)Genre: First Person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (FP-MOBA) 

-Don't think league of legends, picture it as Skyrim arena based multiplayer. this means, no creeps, no insanely huge maps, just arena based combat. 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, and a 10 v 10 "Conquest mode".

B.)Gameplay: Skill-Based, Balanced.

-Abilitys: This Game will be built around skill-based combat, where each individual player can create an equally-effective strategy on how they wish to play their class. currently we are planing on having 9* different abilitys per class. (*this number is subject to change).

-Classes: So far we've only created 2 classes, but we plan on adding more in the future.

-Multiplayer: As far as multiplayer goes, the game will be based on a dedicated server for matchmaking. So yes, Lobby based match making will be used for rank/unranked and conquest mode games. (No client-hosted servers).

-Currency: There will be rewards for killing players, winning matches, and completing objectives (conquest mode) in multiplayer.

C.)Completion: We are far from done with this project, and are in need of more people to help out.

**below is a list of components that have been created and implemented**
-Multiplayer (Photon Unity Networking) 
-Skill Selector.
-Vitals (Health, Mana, Stamina).
-Vitals OnGui.
-Several Spells
-Main Menu
and much more.

II. What we have to offer

-We are a low-budget group that is financed by the Lead Designer. below is a list of recent purchases (Will be updated).

1.Dropbox Premium 
2.Website (Domain name and Hosting)

III. What we need.

Below is a list of current positions available in the group. (*Mandatory Requirements)

1.) c# Programmer/Engineer (1)
-Must reside in the United States.*
-Must be 21 or older.*
-Must have a paypal account.(See "Profit and Financing" section)
-Must have skype.*
-Experienced in C# and C#-Unity *
-Experienced with Networking (RPC ect.)*
-Experienced with Photon Unity Networking (Unity Networking is a plus)*
-Algorithmic Imagination *
-Simple problem solving skills *

2.) Web Design/WebMaster (1)
-Must reside in the United States.*
-Must be 21 or older.*
-Must have a paypal account.(See "Profit and Financing" section)
-Must have skype.*
-Experienced with web design (Server Host has a built-in Webdesign tool) 

3.) 3D Modeler/Concept Artist (1)
-Must reside in the United States.*
-Must be 21 or older.*
-Must have a paypal account.(See "Profit and Financing" section)
-Must have skype.*
-Experienced with 3D art and design (Blender, Maya ect.)
-Highly Experienced with texturing (Bump/Light/Height/Normal maps, texture painting, nodes ect.)*
-Open-Minded Imagination*
-Artistic sense*

IV. What we expect.

-100% effort on every task, objective, and group goal assigned.
-Our primary form of communication is Skype, though its not mandatory, it is recommended that you join the Skype call whenever you begin to work on the project because of the way file sync works with dropbox.
-At Least 2-3 hours a day of input.

V. Profit and Financing

-Ultimately, our goal is to make money off this project, this means all textures/music/pictures/programs and anything else we use, will either be used through obtaining permission, or buying a license. Decisions and Recommendations will be made and given to the Project Lead Designers/Developers. 

-Profit is our goal, it is lightly-required that each member of the team have a paypal if we ever get to gaining a profit. A kickstarter account will be created once we have something to show for.

VI. Contact

If your interested in joining our group, send an email to the Project Leader with the following.

Email: cmonline.lead@gmail.com

1.)Name (First and Last)
2.)Age (must be 21+)
3.)Skype Name (Mandatory/Required)
4.)Your Experience (list in detail)

you will receive a reply as soon as possible.

Denis Thornhill
CMonline Project Leader


**Original post http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/206572-Experienced-Team-Members-needed-FP-MOBA **

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