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[LUA][C++] getting parameters from a function

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I need a tiny little bit of LUA in my project (so I prefer to avoid relearning it). Can you tell me how to get parameters from a lua function to C++?

Last time I used LUA like 10 years ago and I forgot amost everything and the version changed many times since then :D


LUA file:


C++  code (problem is somewhere here)

int function(lua_State *l)
    int n=0;
    std::string name;

    int argc = lua_gettop(l);
    for(int i=0; i<argc; i++)
        if(i==0) n=lua_tointeger(l, lua_gettop(l));
        if(i==1) name=lua_tostring(l, lua_gettop(l));

        lua_pop(l, 1);

    printf("[notice] defineLocation(%d,%s)\n",n,name.c_str());

    return 0;


[notice] defineLocation(0,1)
[notice] defineLocation(0,2)

Desired output:

[notice] defineLocation(1,World)
[notice] defineLocation(2,City)

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OK, I managed to do it, I switched the order:

        if(i==1) n=lua_tointeger(l, lua_gettop(l));
        if(i==0) name=lua_tostring(l, lua_gettop(l));

But can someone explain me why? Are arguments from a functions inversed in lua? And generally tell if the code I wrote is written properly.

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[source]if(i==0) name=lua_tostring(l, lua_gettop(l));[/source]


Since lua_gettop give you the depth of the stack, even if i=0 in your case, lua_tostring will get the second argument pushed on the stack. after doing lua_pop, it will change the stack, hence give you the first argument.


you can get rid of your for loop and simply do:



n = lua_tointeger(l,1)

name = lua_tostring(l,2)




lua_pop is unecessary, lua will take care of the stack in your case, it's only if you happen to push an additional value in your stack within your c++ function that you need to pop the value yourself.


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