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SlimDX Matrix class broken in Windows 8.1?

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I just got a new workstation at work with a clean install of Windows 8.1.  Previously, I was on a Windows 7 box, with the DirectX SDK installed.  

As I understand it, DirectX is now included with WIndows and Visual Studio (I've got 2013 at the moment).


Running some of my previous code that used SlimDX (NuGet version), I'm getting some of the very basic examples to run, but anything that makes use of any of the static Matrix class methods crashes with an SEHException.  Looking at a couple of the exception details, they all seemed to point back to D3DX functions.


I know Microsoft has been pushing to deprecate D3DX for a while now.  Have they actually gone ahead and removed it for real in Windows 8.1?



NOTE: As I was writing this, I downloaded and installed the old June 2010 DirectX SDK.  After doing that, I had no issues.


Are there any plans to update SlimDX so that it will work on Windows 8.1 without the older SDK?  It would be a shame to lose the library if Microsoft decided to pull the download link.

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This is just a side effect of how Microsoft chose to package the D3DX libraries. Each release of the SDK has it's own revision, and they aren't interchangeable. This is why Steam always reinstalls DirectX even if you have the latest version, because the version specific libraries might not have been previously installed if no other program on your machine had been linked against that specific version. You pretty much have to either have the user install the version of D3D that SlimDX was linked against or else remove the D3DX dependency.

More info:

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