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Simon Quincey

Dots Adventures HD - FREE iOs game OUT NOW from EMV Software

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Dots Adventures is out now for iOS with other platforms coming very soon!

A free to play game by EMV Software based on an old Amiga game called Platman.

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id669468661?mt=8&affId=1860684 (ipad version)

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id723801019?mt=8&affId=1860684 (iphone version)




Dots Adventures is a classic retro style room based platformer. Dodge the enemies, find the keys and collect the pickups to score big and progress. Complete rooms quickly and cleanly for extra score bonuses and star awards. More stars means more points and higher rankings. Like all EMV Software games we have worked hard to make the game slick, fast and great fun to play. (This game comes from EMV Software, maker of Deluxe Galaga on the Amiga and Warblade, its sequel on PC and other platforms among many other titles.)

You can play the full Retro map for free. You must help Dot find his golden joystick so he can play his favourite game of all time, Warblade, and reign supreme in the world rankings. You can also buy the added adventures to get huge new maps with hundreds more rooms, all new graphics, new music and tougher, longer challenges. In Robozone you must defeat the droid army and in Lazerquest you must escape the digital world he is trapped in. Halloween sees Dot trick or treating at the witches castle and she has captured him and thrown him in her dungeons.

We have more maps in development too and they will be available to buy ingame soon...

This game is great for all ages, we hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun!

- RETRO map complete and free. Download the game now! No obligation to buy.

- 3 extra (much bigger) maps available to buy right away.

- and at least 2 more maps already planned and in development.

- Slick gameplay, every room is unique and challenging.

- Loads to find and collect including secret rooms and hidden extra lives.

- Branching paths to discover, decisions to make, lessons to learn.

- Earn up to 3 stars in every room for big bonus scores.

- Minimaps with players progress shown (PC, Mac, Linux and iPads only).

- Secret rooms filled with goodies.

- Collect posters and fruits for giant scores.

- Supports the iCade and 8Bitty controllers.

- and much more…



Check out our first promo video

And our Promo video for the Halloween map


Retro + Robozone


Lazerquest + Halloween



You can find more info on the EMV webpage http://emv-software.weebly.com

Or from the Dots Adventures Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DotsAdventures

Until we release the games on PC and MAC (very soon) there are a couple of demos available...
Dots Adventures for PC -

Dots Adventures for MAC - http://www.warblade.as/DotsAdventures/DotsAdventures_DEMO_MAC.zip

All the latest news on Dots Adventures, including news about new maps, will be posted to our Facebook page.

Try the game and get yourself some good old retro platforming fun…



Feedback welcomed, any editor here prepared to "news" this for us. Would really help support a small hard working game dev team. I am happy to answer any questions you may have or supply screenshots, logos, icons etc to help make this happen. Thankyou.

Simon Quincey (co-dev, map designer)

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Edgar M Vigdal. The man behind Deluxe Galaga on the Amiga and Warblade its sequel among many other games...


There are 3 of us right now.


Edgar Vigdal - Code - Norway

Simon Quincey - Game Design - UK

Kevin Saunders - Graphics - Australia

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I just installed it. Seems pretty fun.


But the buttons are annoyingly small. Could you push them little bit higher and scale them up? Because on my Galaxy S3 (1280x720 screen) I miss them most of the time, probably because I'm used to buttons being little bit higher.


But its fun little game.

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I got this screenshot from another S3 user today (is this how the game displays for you too?)




I have passed the messages on to Edgar who is the "man who can", see if we can't sort this out and get it resubmitted onto the store. They are most certainly supposed to be showing a bit higher than this. Well the good news is everything else seems to be in the right places smile.png Nexus 7 is fine btw, that is our test device. Wish we were rich enough to have multiple Android test devices...


I'll be back for sure if i find anything out or we release a new version. Thanks for taking the time to let us know.


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In your screenshot they seem to be cut-off. But it's not the case on my phone. Everything's fine. But I personally would like them to be little big higher and bigger. :)

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Yeah, its not right and will be changed. The hud stuff is in the right place, not cut off, the controls ARE supposed to be higher than you see them in that shot. I don't know about making them bigger, they are that size for a reason, the touch zones for them are bigger than the images though. Well, see how you get on with it in the next version, it'll be up very soon...

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