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Embedding AngleScript in C++ Application

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I've been attempting to write a game engine, and I was looking into scripting languages. I'm currently looking at boost.python, luaBind, and angelscript, and I think I'm gonna go with angelscript because it is well suited for what I'm trying to acheive. I've successfully downloaded and compiled the source on VC++12, but I'm having a hard time following the official tutorial. It doesn't give any clues on where I'm supposed to put the code, and it seems to have a bunch of errors (undefined identifiers, missing inclusions). Am I just following it wrong, or is there a better tutorial I could follow for linking and calling simple functions from c++ to angel script and vice versa?


Much appreciated,



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Hi Will.

I guess I'll have to rewrite the tutorial article. It was meant to describe how to do things not to be copied and pasted into an application :)

I suggest you take a look at the sample applications. Those can be compiled and tested. I've tried to comment the code in them as well as possible so you shouldn't have problems understanding from them.


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