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Android app - basic button functionality

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Hi All,


I am working on an Android app, and am just learning to program on Android.  I have experience in a few programming languages, but I'm struggling to combine functionality across xml and java.


Very simple question I'm sure, but how do I make a button activate a function?  I have: "public void function(string a, string b)" with the function inside in Java, and on the xml layout I have <Button android:onClick="function(stringa, stringb)".


When I click the button i get an error saying it cannot locate method "function(stringa, stringb)".



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IIRC you have to specify a method that takes a View as its only parameter in the XML file.


so your method should be:


public void someMethod(View v) {




and then in the xml layout:


<Button blaha blaha ....

android:onClick="someMethod" /> (only the method name, no parameters)


Your on click method also has to be a member of the current Activty.

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Hi Simon,


Thanks for this - pointed me in the right direction.  Didn't quite realise how 'separated' the code needed to be.



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