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Sprite Sheets

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Quick thing,


Where is a good place to get good and FULL set  Sprite Maps? 


I would prefer free but if they are of a high enough quality I would be happy to pay for them.


Basically I am working on a 2d Turn Based/JRPG but a lot less manga and a lot more Dungeons and Dragons.


My code is coming along nicely but I  "have all the artistic talent of a cluster of colourblind hedgehogs... in a bag" 


I would ideally be looking for Textures/Scenery/Background, Monsters and some player character sprites.


Can you contact artists looking to have custom sprite sheets made up? (For money.) or is there a site where you can get "Off the shelf" sets as it where.


I have a bit of a Google but nothing is grabbing me.


Thanks for the help and apologies if I am being a full.



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There is a great full sets of a medieval fantasy city here.

The post is the one titled "More free game graphics"


Here is the direct link:


I encorage you to check the site, there is great material and insights there (the site is not mine).

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