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Project Shyknight released

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Hey there smile.png


I have just released the first six levels of the game I am working on.

The name is Project Shyknight and it's an oldschool platformer ispired in early 80 games like Manic Miner and others.


It is being coded in C/C++ using the libSDL for events management and openGL for sprites rendering.


The game graphics are retro style but with a modern touch and nice colors.


You can download the game for Windows and Linux from indieDB



If you like, you can also visit my website at http://www.dragontech.net/


My twitter account, where I post updates about it is https://twitter.com/dragontechsp


The game will be updated constantly with new levels, graphics and features.


I hope you like it, and comment it smile.png


Kind regards!



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A nw project Shyknight version has been released!

I this version, a new level has been added (and is really challenging!). Many bugs has been corrected. The overall performance of the game has been improved and the memory usage was reduced in nearly 75%.


Full list of changes:


- Enemies sprites improved.
- Implemented pixel perfect collision detection for all deadly collisions.
- Added some new deadly tiles (spikes, animated spikes, cactus)
- Fixed difficulty. In some levels is now easier, in some other is harder tongue.png
- Redesigned fonts
- Fixed some innacurate rendering in moving platforms
- Modified player and monsters overall speeds.
- Tweaked gravity.
- Added hints to help new players.
- Improved sounds.
- Added a new level!
- Added hidden treasures on each levels.


Download it for Linux and Windows at indieDB




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No Mac? oO just kidding, looks like a great puzzle game, thinking about also making a web browser release? easy to spread to people and can be played on all platforms?

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Hi there, thanks for replying :)

The game is being coded in C so, if I can get my hands in a Mac, a port will be possible. Maybe an Android port can be done too wink.png


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