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Iterating in order over an unordered map

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I have an std::unordered_map<MyStruct>. It's unordered for extra-fast lookups which is what will be needed most of the time. However, once, at startup, I'd like to iterate over it in order of MyStruct::myInt.


The container currently contains upwards of 2000 elements, and might reach as high as 5-10 thousand.


Is there some way I can iterate over it in an order other than its internal hashing order?

I'm not worried about speed.

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I'm pretty sure boost::multi_index ( can do what you're asking for.  You can set up a sequential index and an unordered index.

Thanks for the tip about multi_index. Just used it to clean up a monstrosity with multiple containers that I created a while back.

Boost contains so much, it's tricky to really get an overview of the stuff you acually need sometimes...

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