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Super Llama

[d3d9/win7] can't seem to create a shared texture resource?

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I'm trying to create a shared texture from a Direct3D 9 device using the pSharedHandle parameter that supposedly works starting with windows vista-- but no matter what I put in the parameters it always just returns an invalid call. I'm intending to share it with another device in another thread, but I can't even get the initial creation of the shared resource to work.

ddev->CreateTexture(width, height, 1, 0, D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8, D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, &tex, &handle);
I've tried changing pretty much all the parameters but if I pass it a &handle it always fails. The handle is pointing to a NULL value. I've been unable to find a lot of information about the texture sharing API, but everything I find says this should work. I'm compiling with the headers/libraries both from the Windows 7 SDK and the June 2010 DX SDK, and I'm able to see and instantiate D3D9Ex classes, so it's definitely a new enough version. The device is perfectly able to create the texture if I don't specify a handle, so I'm guessing I must not be fulfilling one of the restrictions for shared textures that microsoft barely told anyone about. MSDN is not helping very much, all it says is that I have to use D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, which I am.
Any ideas? I'll keep messing with the parameters while I wait for an answer.
EDIT: Well, I got it to create the handle by changing all the DirectX9 objects to DirectX9Ex objects, but this is not ideal and if there's still a way to do it with ordinary D3D9 interfaces, that would be preferable.
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