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Game programming (UDK, Multiplayer)

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Hello everyone,


I'm planning to take a next step in bringing my game design closer to a reality. 


The game design is about 95% complete, on a paper... that is.


I would like you to help me understand the structure a bit more, which I will specify.


The game engine that I selected as of right know would be (Unreal 3 Engine) UDK. The game will be a multiplayer game with server browser built into the game.


Here is what I understand:


-The concept artists draw the models of characters and objects used in the game, as well as textures

-The 3D Character artist models, rigs and animates the characters

-The Level designer draws and models the levels

-The Audio/Sound artists take care of sounds and soundtracks


Now, what I don't understand well enough is how programmers combine all of this together. Is there a specialty programmers who only program multiplayer games? Will the programmers be able to work on a single project? Does this project need to have a certain and single programming language? I tried to research this stuff but all I got was bits and pieces of each, but not really explained in one project where we are talking about relations of these artists/programmers with selected game engine to make this thing work together. I think what I'm not sure of is what type of programmer/programmers I need for this project and how all this works together. From what I know, Unreal Engine uses Unreal Script for programming. 


I don't want to make too expensive of a mistake. While there is always a risk (especially in gaming industry), there are also measures that can be taken to minimize it. Acquiring knowledge is one of them.


Any input is much appreciated.

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Hello, some inputs, 

I will assume that in your list each post is doing is only job (the concept artist doesn't model anything, the audio/sound artist doesn't implement the sound, etc...) In little studios, a person may have to works on many aspects on the games. (3d modeling and level designer and programming, etc...) 

-The Level designer draws and models the levels


The level designer if he is only level designer, doesn't draws or model anything. He "just" use the models made by the artists (environnementals, characters, props) and the objects implementing the game mechanics (a door, some anchor to climb a wall) to put them in the level. In the case of UDK, thy may also use the matinee and kismet system.

Is there a specialty programmers who only program multiplayer games?

If you mean that is there programmer, whose work is only on working on the multiplayer aprt of your game, then I would say it depends on your organisation. In big studios with a lot of people yes, they can afford (and sometimes they must) have one programmer dedicated entirely on multiplayer programming. Not so much in little project :)

Will the programmers be able to work on a single project?

...I don't understand your question. I think it's more easy to works on a single project, than on multiple...

Does this project need to have a certain and single programming language?

Depends on the game engine you will chose. UDK uses either C++ or its own language, the unreal script. And flash for the UI. If you want to start your own engine, then most people will recommend you C++ (mother of all languages)

I think I can get your point. You want to know what is the workflow for making a game? You want to know how all the people in the project will interact wit each other?
If this is effectively your question, then there is a lot of way of doing it, and it's kind of complex.

The short version would be something like :

Game designer design the game.
Artists make the drawing, the models and all the ressources,
Programers Implement the mechanics.
Level designer create the levels by using the artists's ressources and programmer's mechanics
Game designer adjust the mechanics value.


Also, I don't know if you intended to make an exhaustive list of post needed in a video game project, but you are missing some posts. Lead programmer, Character designer, environmental artists, project leader, Q.A Tester, creative director, writers, and so on. But, as I said earlier, depending on the size of the project, there can be one person for multiple posts. :)

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