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Magic Particles: cross platfrom API for special effects

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I am developer of Magic Particles: http://astralax.com/projects/particles/dev
Magic Particles allows to create the special effects and playback them from own program. Magic Particles is cross platform solution. At this moment API exists for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows8 / RT, Windows Phone 8, FlasCC and Marmalade SDK: http://astralax.com/engine
My API does not use any external functions except those ones which have been standard of C++ for a long time. That is why library draws nothing on its own, but it returns to user all information allowing to draw the special effect. Such a way allows to separate API from OS and graphic engine.
Also there is wrapper that allows to simplify the integration of API into user engine. Wrapper is an example with its own manual and open source code. The drawing of particles is exercised by wrapper.
Currently there are wrappers for:
1) DirectX 9
2) DirectX 11 (Windows, Windows 8 / RT, Windows Phone 8)
3) OpenGL (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android)
4) Marmalade SDK
5) Cocos2dx
6) Playground
7) HGE
8) Popcap
It is possible to download the wrappers from: http://astralax.com/wrapper


List of commercial games that use Magic Particles technology for creation and playback of special effects: http://astralax.com/titles


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