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Flixel rhythm game, Flex helper program

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Hello from Bideo Wego!
I wanted to post about a music/rhythm based game I just uploaded on Kongregate.
Feel free to check out the promo too
What I specifically wanted to open for discussion is any questions anyone might have about how the game works, or how the events of the game were programmed as well as talk about the helper program I created to achieve this within 2 months!
The helper program was created in Flex 4. It is used to create the level data for the game.
Basically it provides a simple button interface in which I can click buttons that correspond to specific arrows being dropped at specific times (channel positions) in the As3 sound. It does this all by calculations according to the sound length and bpm which I provide.
An XML is generated that my game then can download from my server dynamically and read into a playable level!
This XML is savable and reloadable into the same program to allow for editing as well.
Like I said if anyone wants to discuss how this is done, as it pertains to the music I figured this is the place to do it! Or feel free to just try out the game and tell me what you think!
Bideo Wego

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That looks fine, and congratulations on your nice work.  It is obvious you put time and effort into it.



Unfortunately, unless you are requesting technical feedback, there is a different section for this type of post: http://www.gamedev.net/forum/6-your-announcements/


Of course I can understand your desire to post in the technical section, as not as many people visit the other one, but…



L. Spiro

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