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Implementing a vehicle system with seats that can be occupied by players

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Ergawy    184


I am working on a vehicle system that should support some properties and I am looking for books, articles, open source projects, or any other kind of resource that can be helpful in implementing these properties.

1 - A vehicle can a number of seats.

2 - Each seat has its own functionality. Imagine a spaceship with one seat for steering and the other for controlling the turret.

3 - Each one of these seats can be occupied by a player (we are working on a multi-player game). The players will be the team that controls this vehicle.


Of course, I don't want to find an exact implementation that meets my needs or something. I just want to know if there exists any resources that I can read in order to gain more knowledge on how to implement such vehicle systems.

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Eck    7581

A quick google lead me to this Unreal Engine vehicle system document. It looks very well thought out, so you could dig through it and see what properties and functions they expose for driver and gunner positions. They also offer strategies on client/server synchronization of physics simulations and how to debug them. It might be worth a read.


Google Search: game programming vehicle systems


- Eck

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