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Dynamically distributing multiple agents within a tile

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So my goal is to fit a squad of units within a tile, the number of units that compose the squadron is variable, worst case scenario I need to fit 50 in a hexagonal tile, later of course when the squad takes damage it will lose units and the surviving ones should reorganize in such a way that they seem to make the bes use of the space of the hexagon.


My first approach was to make a vector of vectors and define them by hand, this of course is horrybly tedious but even worse it doesn't provide a clear critera to reorganize the units when one dies.


can anyone provide some pointers as to how can I accomplish this proceduraly?

The size of an individual unit is yet to be determined, mainly by how good/bad they would look if I fit 50 distiguishable units in one tile, so consider units to be circles of a variable radius that fits our needs.


getting the units to go to a particular position is already solved by flocking behaviors, my problem is establishing where they should go in the first place


Any ideas? papers? working algorithms? techniques?

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