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OpenGL Suggestion for a cross-platform 3D rendering subsystem in C++

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Hi there!


What do I need?

I'm doing a 3D game and I'm looking for a rendering subsystem this utilizes modern (version 3.x+) OpenGL. DirectX support is not mandatory, since I target Windows and Linux. Smartphone support is not mandatory.


I'm looking for a clean and nice design rendering subsystem only. It should not do anything apart from rendering and scene managing, thus leaving me the choice and the headache to care about audio, physics, UI, scripting and game object management,


It should be C++, available for commercial use.


Should have either support for popular 3D formats or provide export mechanism to convert popular 3d formats into their own format.


What I have checked?

I played with Ogre3D about 1-1.5 years ago. Didn't like it. Its big and messy.

I heard about Irrlicht, looked a bit into their examples, it looks nice, however I'd like to get more opinions about it.

I heard about OpenSceneGraph. It looks very solid, nice design, however I'd like to hear more opinions about it.


I appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance!

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I really liked Horde3D, but IIRC it's built on clean GL2.x, not 3.x. I think there's also a few GLES ports for mobile.

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